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Space to develop original thinking

Our unique approach to teaching and learning challenges traditional practices. We take students outside of the classroom and use their experiences to create innovative learning spaces to develop original thinking.

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Jordan Smikle | Aerospace Systems Engineering student

Alongside lecture theatres, classrooms, and smaller seminar rooms, students at Coventry can make use of ‘pods’ and ‘hives’ designed to encourage group working. Our popular student building, TheHub, offers a blend of spaces; some designed for relaxing and socialising whilst others are dedicated to individual study.

Our Disruptive Media Learning Lab is a new experimental unit at the University. It is uniquely designed to promote open dialogue, collaborative work, exploration and experimentation. The Lab features a quirky ‘grassy’ hill designed to stimulate ideas.

Aerospace Systems Engineering student Jordan Smikle had his heart set on Coventry University when he visited on an open day. ‘The facilities, not just for my course, but the whole campus, were modern, well thought-out and welcoming. This combined with expert teaching staff helped make my mind up immediately. The facilities are industry standard and we’re encouraged to think for ourselves. I like the combination of individual tutorials, small seminars and wider lectures. Projects are usually based around group work so it’s great to be able to use the social spaces to get together and talk freely.’

‘I love the social side of university, hanging out at TheHub, going out with friends and meeting new people. It all adds to a great experience. Straight away, it felt like home.’

Jordan is also enhancing his studies with additional free choice modules, known as Add+vantage modules. ‘I’ve chosen Pilot Studies and a course that will help me gain a good placement. I’ll also be looking to develop my language skills. My ambition is to work for a global aerospace company after I’ve finished my degree so combining these language skills and securing a placement year abroad will make me more attractive to employers. I’m determined to get the career I want and I know my degree at Coventry University will help me along the way.’

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