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2021 Corporate Strategy
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Our Vision

Since 2010, Coventry University has undergone a transformation.

We have introduced innovative and bold initiatives including our London Campus, Coventry University College and the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering. We have invested in a programme of campus regeneration, including our state-of-the-art Engineering and Computing building and a new home for students, TheHub.

All of these initiatives have been successfully delivered alongside our approaches to teaching and learning and our ability to deliver research which makes a positive impact on the world we live in.

We are embarking on the next evolution of the University Group. Our strategy to 2021 will enhance our position as a leading provider of innovative education and impactful research both nationally and internationally.

We will continue to take calculated risks and dynamic approaches to push the boundaries of higher education.


The Coventry Way

We are a unique institution with a unique approach to our activities. We recognise that our staff are central to the University’s success and are committed to supporting our people to deliver teaching and learning, research outputs and impact, and enterprise development which will enhance our ability to operate globally.

Our reputation reflects an institution that is confident in its mission, in itself and in its consistent execution and delivery of objectives. Our approach is partnership driven, entrepreneurial and sustainable, both financially and operationally. We will be recognised within the higher education and business sectors as leading edge and disruptive through innovation.

This is already happening and we were recently awarded the title of ‘University of the Year’ by the Times Higher Education, as well as the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – two outstanding achievements that we’re extremely proud of.

This confidence and consistency, combined with award-winning delivery and fast-paced implementation is what we describe as ‘The Coventry Way’.

Our Core Values

  • 1 We demonstrate excellence in education and student engagement
  • 2 We are global in our outlook and are impactful in all that we do
  • 3 We are an independent and autonomous organisation allowing staff the freedom to operate but with responsibility to deliver
  • 4 We are innovative, enterprising and entrepreneurial
  • 5 Our ethos is one of support, trust, integrity and respect whilst valuing diversity
  • 6 We develop sustainable partnerships and support the communities with whom we engage

Education & Student Experience

Our aim

We will demonstrate our core value of ‘excellence in education and student engagement’ by reflecting the changing nature of the learning experience. We will be recognised by our students and employers for providing a high-quality education and learning experience.

For undergraduate students

Through our Education Strategy, we will ensure that our graduates are confident citizens who can demonstrate a range of individual, collaborative, and professional skills and attributes.

Building on our success, we will provide our students with a transformative learning experience, preparing them to make significant contributions to their professions, the economy and society to become a creative force in a rapidly evolving world.

We will continue to ensure the highest quality experience for all our students, making sure they are taught by highly motivated, committed and passionate staff who are at the forefront of their disciplines.

For postgraduate students

Through our Postgraduate Strategy we will develop courses that include discipline-independent graduate skills, high quality research training and employment related activity.

We will place students at the centre of their own learning as active co-contributors and equal partners in the creation of shared knowledge and understanding. They will be supported to develop critical thinking, originality, decision-making, and the ability to respond to complex situations, by framing decisions through an understanding of concepts and contexts.

Our successful graduates will have the necessary qualities to lead and to make a significant difference in their chosen field.

Our actions

To achieve this, we have put in place an Education Strategy, based around six pillars of education and student experience.

  • Research inspired teaching
  • Embedded employability
  • Creativity and enterprise
  • Multicultural and international engagement
  • Community contribution and responsibility
  • Innovation and digital fluency.

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Our aim

As our research continues to provide ‘excellence with impact’, we will also reflect our core value of ‘being global in our outlook and being impactful in all that we do’. We will deliver, through our University and Faculty Research Centres, single discipline and multi-disciplinary research that will inform teaching, achieve niche dominance, and by working with Top 400 world-ranked universities, a global reputation.

We will be nationally and internationally recognised within the academic, business and government communities as undertaking research of the highest quality that has impact beyond academia, yielding economic, social and cultural benefits.

Building on our success of developing large-scale strategic business partnerships we will extend our relationships with world-leading institutions (both in the UK and overseas) to drive high-quality, high-impact research and diversify our income from business and international programmes.

We will deliver: ‘Excellence with Impact’.

Excellence will be defined as a combination of originality, significance and rigour: the triad that lies at the heart of global peer esteem. Impact will be defined as economic, social, cultural, policy-influencing, or practice-enhancing, depending on the nature of the disciplines.

Our actions

To achieve this, our Research Strategy is based around five pillars.

  • Research informed teaching
  • University and Faculty Research Centres
  • Career development and progression for research staff
  • Partnerships with world-leading institutions
  • Diversification of research income.

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Internationalisation: Global University

Our aim

We will deliver growth in student numbers at our UK campuses and overseas through partnership, collaborative delivery and joint ventures.

Through our International Strategy we will create a sustainable and differentiated future based on the preparation of students for global careers and the generation of knowledge relevant to global issues, underpinned by high quality execution and partnership.

We are, and will continue to be, recognised nationally and internationally by our students and strategic partners for the quality and diversity of our international education experience and student mobility opportunities.

Through our Student Mobility Service and other initiatives we will produce global graduates with attributes and capabilities enabling them to become global professionals and citizens, and successfully enter the international work environment. We will also develop a staff mobility programme that mirrors the success of, and demand for, our student mobility programme.

We will further enhance our international profile in line with our core value of being ‘global in our outlook’. We will address the challenges of preparing graduates for global careers and the generation of knowledge on global issues. We will maintain our position as the leading UK University for student mobility and an internationalisation experience.

Our actions

To enable us to achieve our aims, our International Strategy is based around five pillars.

  • Increased overseas recruitment to the UK
  • Growth in delivery overseas, including through joint ventures
  • Remaining the UK’s number one for internationalisation experiences
  • Developing the international capacity and capability of our staff
  • Enhancing our international research, marketing, rankings and reputation.

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Enterprise & Innovation

Our aim

Through our approach to enterprise and innovation, both within the University and our trading subsidiaries, we will contribute fully to the economic prosperity and knowledge society of Coventry and Warwickshire, the UK and the international economy.

We are, and will continue to be, recognised locally, nationally and internationally by our strategic business partners and governments as an enterprising and innovative University.

Building on our success of developing large-scale strategic business partnerships through the enterprise and innovation strategy we will develop major initiatives with key partner companies and other organisations, both in the UK and overseas.

Maintaining our focus as an entrepreneurial University, we will continue to support new business start-ups and social enterprise development through our incubation and grow-on facilities on the Technology Park; the services and facilities of the Coventry University Social Enterprise CIC; and the continued embedding of entrepreneurship and social enterprise within our educational programmes and employability provision.

As a business-engaged University, we will develop strategic level collaborations with businesses on a local, national and global scale. We will deliver support to all, from the largest corporates to the small and medium-sized enterprises that are a central part of our local and national economies.

Our actions

To achieve this, our Strategy is based around six pillars of Enterprise and Innovation.

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Intellectual Property exploitation
  • Supporting new business start-ups and developing existing businesses
  • Social enterprise
  • Consultancy and professional learning and development programmes
  • Physical infrastructure, facilities and equipment.

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People & Organisation Development

Our aim

Our work will reflect our core value of ‘support, trust, integrity and respect whilst valuing diversity’. We will be rated nationally and internationally as an ‘Employer of Choice’.

Highly motivated, committed and passionate staff that are at the forefront of their academic and professional disciplines are core to our strategy. These are key to the University’s success and we will continually build their capability and provide an environment that supports excellence.

Our actions

To make this happen, our People and Organisation Development Strategy is based around six pillars.

  • Academic development across teaching and research
  • Rewards, benefits and recognition
  • Enhanced role, performance and progression frameworks for academic and professional services staff
  • 21st century working practices
  • Increased diversity of staff and development of intercultural competence
  • Leadership and talent development

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Our aim

As we look to build on our position of strength, we aim to create state-of-the-art campuses for our students, staff and visitors. The blueprint for this meets the emerging new requirements in pedagogy, research and student experience. It also provides flexibility to meet the demands of the future.

Since 2007, we have been undertaking an ambitious redevelopment of our estate in the first phase of our Estates Strategy. This investment has seen significant improvement in both existing infrastructure and new developments.

We will continue to invest in infrastructure to underpin the excellence of our activities, creating world-class spaces for the education of students, for research and for enterprise.

We will make good use of the built estate we already have in place and continue to use or remodel buildings where we can to deliver a contemporary and efficient service.

Our actions

So that we can achieve this, our Strategy is based around five pillars for Investment, Infrastructure and Finance.

  • Learning spaces flexible enough to match evolving pedagogy
  • Workplace simulation
  • Co-occupation with partners, on or off campus, in the UK or abroad
  • Technology-enabled, for work and leisure
  • Environmental responsibility and sustainability

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our aim

We will ensure fairness to both staff and students in all our activities and be committed to supporting and furthering equality in employment, advancement, teaching and attainment. We will provide all staff and students, whatever their background, with opportunities and support, in order to help them realise their full potential.

Through our activities, we will contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of the City, the region and other communities in which we operate. We will regularly evaluate our economic contribution in order to demonstrate our value to external and internal stakeholders. Staff and students at the University will engage widely with communities and will support, recognise and build on public engagement activities.

Working with our alumni we will create professional and social global networks (to support them in developing their own professional networks) as well as further enhancing the employment, experience and opportunities of our current students. In turn our alumni will make a greater contribution to the social and economic success of the local, national and international communities within which they live and work.

We recognise and value the role of Coventry University Students’ Union (CUSU) in meeting the needs of a diverse student body and in the creation of social groups and a sense of belonging to communities of students. Working in partnership we will support CUSU in the delivery of its Strategic Plan to 2021.

As a global organisation we recognise the contribution we can make both socially and environmentally, embracing diversity, providing knowledge and skills to students and staff, supporting communities and benefiting the local economy. Sustainability is integral to our operations; ensuring responsible thinking and practices that bring about positive change for the future.


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